Insurances is really tough subject when it comes to advertising. The products are very similar and also complicated, so making an interesting communications is uncommon. It is also a topic that consumers don’t like at all. We insure ourselves not because we want it but rather because we have to. This time we wanted to make things different. Firstly we got an unique product. Secondly, before we started to convince people that the product is worthwhile, we believed in it and couldn’t wait for its launch. Maybe just because we all are young parents.


Prudential was barely known in Poland even of its 160 years of functioning worldwide. Our task was to present and involve the brand with Poles in image campaign. Well, it’s not easy to just believe in brand. We have chosen one of Prudential’s product – child insurance - and focused on it. We were drove by the simplest rule – if people will like the product and if they will find it necessary, they will fall in love with the brand and their other products. We started with search for the strong insight. Once again the parental instinct came helpful. The one truth, proven by researches, that the kid in the eyes of parent will always stay a kid. This was the way we made an extraordinary spot and other activities: prelaunch campaign, outdoor and post launch campaign which awaits for its further presentation.


So its turn out that when it comes to advertising the insurances is not as black as it is painted.


The prudential launch spot have more than 1,18 million views on YouTube with 30% of fully views. The result is 5 percentage point higher than the average in the financial services category.