Najlepszy przyjaciel człowieka? Mobilny Internet w Play, naturalnie

Everybody wants a modem when the rates are so low. Especially those laptops. Man, they behave like dogs!



Creating a brand from scratch – from brand strategy, the communication strategy to the name, logo and visual identity
EFFIE award for a pilot program ”The 4 arrives”
Over 1 million customers in less than a year since the brand appearance on the market
Ca 11 million customers now
4 EFFIE awards in five and a half years of cooperation
One of the most effective mobile company launches by Frost &Sullivan’s magazine

As Play has become big, it needed to appeal to a wider group of customers. We had to create a platform that would establish the brand as one suitable for more general public – this led us to create „I’m in PLAY” platform.

The theme was the repeated wording, which was supposed to convince people that „everyone has Play”:

„Hi, are you in Play?”
„Excuse me, are you in Play?”
„I’m sorry, you’re in Play?” etc.

Following this communication, more than 1 million. customers moved to Play in 2010.
Till now Play communication platform is bases on this thought and till now each year over 70% of people who want to change the operator, chose PLAY.



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