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Insurance is a difficult subject, when it comes to advertising. The products are similar and so complicated that the creation of an interesting communication is rare. For this it is not a popular topic among the consumers, which is usually accompanied by negative motivation. We Insure ourselves, not because we want to, but because we have to. This time, however, would be different. First of all, we got a unique product. Second, even before we started to persuade people that it is worth their attention, we believed in it and we’ve waited impatiently for it’s introduction. Well, maybe it’s because most of us are young parents.


Brand Prudential, despite 160 years of achievements in the world, was an unknown brand in Poland. Our responsibility was to present it and made Poles interested with the image campaign. It is quite difficult to believe in the brand just like that. Therefore, we chose one of the products offered by Prudential – child insurance¬†and focused on it. Guided by a simple principle. If people will like it and and it will release the need, over time they will love the brand behind it and other related products. We started our work on finding a strong insight. And again parental instinct helped us. The truth of the thesis that in the eyes of a parent child always remains a child was fully confirmed by research. The result is a unique film and other activities associated with it: prelaunch campaign, outdoor and post-launch campaign, which is waiting for it’s presentation in the future.


It turns out that insurance advertising is not as bad as it seems.




Prudential grow up case study


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