HBO In Treatment


Interactive campaign for the first production of Polish HBO.
HBO series are always a big event: high-brow and with A-list actors starring, they are aimed at demanding viewers.
First production of the Polish HBO branch required an adequate campaign, ATL, PR and online, where one can (and even should) crate things that are more interesting and engaging.


The task was to create an engaging campaign fot the Polish TV series produced by Polish HBO branch. In Treatment is an ambitious production, with A-list stars, but not trying to please the mainstream taste: it requires careful watching, a lot of focus and it deliberately touches problems that we sometimes prefer to keep in our closets. The main character of the series is a psychotherapist who tries to reach deepely hidden secrets of his patients. Basing our creation on this insight we decided to make an interactive game combining a Flash website and the series’ fanpage on Facebook.
The website was dr Wolski’s (the main character) laptop where users were able to browse his emails, look through his holiday pictures, read private chat conversations or play solitaire.


A platform like that allowed us to deepen every character of the series, create new ones existing only online. Basically create a new story line paralell to the one known from the TV screen.
Everyday after airing of the episode on HBO a question connected with the plot was asked on the Facebook profile . The answers were hidden in the content of dr Wolski’s laptop. Sometimes it was a picture, sometimes a line from his online correspondence with a patient. This required folowing closely of both storylines: the one on TV and the one online. The effect? An unual, demanding and challenging entertainment, just like the TV show itself.


The campaign was nominated for the best interactive application to PromaxBDA award and as the best interactive campaign to KTR 2012.





















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