Beginnings happen… – ING’s campaign about products that make it easier for entrepreneurs


‘My beginnings were spectacular. I bankrupted three times’ – says Cezary Podgórski, owner of ‘Zielone Ściany’, his face split into a wide smile. That’s how one of Firmowy Pakiet na Start spots begin.



In this ATL and digital campaign we told stories of how twelve polish entrepreneurs began.


A teaser

A spot

A short movie –acknowledgement for our entrepreneurs

An article

A Facebook carousel



We created ‘Testuj Pomysł’ research platform too.

And we revealed it on Facebook:


A video

One of GIFs

A canvas



Whereas other polish finance institutions tell stories of happiness, ING is not afraid to speak the truth. In this campaign we showed how different can beginnings be, proving that yet again.


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