A regular launch was not enough. There was no place for just another campaign or just another research in a market with 3 giant mobile telecoms, and our budget 30% lower than competitors’.

We divided our task into two phases. The pre-launch introduced an unconventional test programme: “Here comes the 4.” Our goal was to get to know the potential buyers and their expectations in order to create a new brand that would fit them like a glove. The campaign recruited 20 thousand users, whom we presented with a handset. Then, we watched their habits closely.



With 1% share of spend, we shifted the brand to the early adapters and trendsetters group.

20 thousand offers attracted 200 thousand consumers willing to test the new mobile operator.

Over 1.300.000 visited the campaign’s main web page.

EFFIE 2007 in “telecom services” category.

On March 16th, 2007 the launch introduced to the market its new mobile telecom brand – PLAY.

In case of PLAY, a regular agency-client relationship was replaced with motherly and fatherly emotions. It’s a brand created by Brain from scratch. We gave it a name and and a thoroughly postmodern brand identity that has no definite shape and lives a life of its own: the white-and-purple stripes are recognizable as PLAY in any context. We paired it with provocative and trendsetting communication style, which, thanks to its bold form is very cost-effective. Everything else – the packaging, SIM cards, points of sale materials and interiors, were designed to fit this unique, fluid vision.



Targeted 500 thousand numbers activated before the end of the year (upgraded to 750 thousand) achieved in October – the sixth month into the campaign. PLAY reached the number of 1 million users by January 15, 2008.

Average ARPU 60% higher than the category average.

Best-remembered communication in its category.

2 EFFIEs 2008.

Frost&Sullivan reported PLAY as one of Europe’s most effective latest launches.


Creating a brand from scratch – from brand strategy, the communication strategy to the name, logo and visual identity
EFFIE award for a pilot program ”The 4 arrives”
Over 1 million customers in less than a year since the brand appearance on the market
Ca 11 million customers now
4 EFFIE awards in five and a half years of cooperation
One of the most effective mobile company launches by Frost &Sullivan’s magazine

As Play has become big, it needed to appeal to a wider group of customers. We had to create a platform that would establish the brand as one suitable for more general public – this led us to create “I’m in PLAY” platform.

The theme was the repeated wording, which was supposed to convince people that „everyone has Play”:

“Hi, are you in Play?”
“Excuse me, are you in Play?”
“I’m sorry, you’re in Play?” etc.

Following this communication, more than 1 million. customers moved to Play in 2010.
Till now Play communication platform is bases on this thought and till now each year over 70% of people who want to change the operator, chose PLAY.