Most likely everyone here at Brain has once thought about what he or she would do if they won the lottery. So far none of us have succeeded, or at least no one has matched all six numbers. But we were able to do something else. We won LOTTO.

LOTTO is a brand of Totalizator Sportowy, a state owned monopoly and the only one in Poland that can conduct games and the lottery. For us, this meant a unique situation in which the challenge for the campaign was not to leap over the competition- because LOTTO doesn’t have it. Instead, the challenge was to leap over a lack of faith among consumers in the possibility to win. Since the target group for LOTTO is broad and diverse, it was necessary to thoroughly understand the consumers’ dreams, then show these dreams in a believable way, balancing between the seductive fairy tale and the reality of life.

Yet another challenge for us was continuing the good traditions taken on by Totalizator Sportowy in the 60’s and continued in the following decades when posters and murals for the lottery were created by masters of the Polish School of Posters.

Since the beginning of our partnership, roughly from mid-2012, we have completed four TV spots to drive brand image in a series called „Interviews”. Soon to broadcast will be a new campaign pertaining to the accumulation of the lottery. In preparation are other projects.

And this is just the beginning.