In February 2010, we‘ve won the pitch for one of Royal Unibrew’s finest brands: Łomża.

Lucky us, because for a long time we’ve been in the mood for a beer. And of course we‘ve started our efforts immediately with a degustation. Our take: Yummy!


Łomża is a small, regional beer, always brewed in the same place – authentic and not for the mass-market. Our basic task was to prepare a national campaign, without loosing its fine, local character.


It turned out that the biggest help in creating our campaign was the situation on the Polish market. Poles are bored by mass-market beers, because they don‘t see or taste any difference between them. Often, they can‘t even say why they are drinking brand A or Z. That was our chance! Not only to sell our beer, but also to create a style or fashion for regional, authentic non-mass-market oriented yummy beer.


We‘ve created an unconventional campaign that manages both: pick a fight with the competitors and pay tribute to local roots. It was important for us to infuse it with natural feel and light humor instead of big pathos, as it is known from all other mass-market beer brands.


Na zdrov’ie! (Cheers!)