Hoop Cola

“Who are you? A little Pole” – a Black Polish boy and Asian Polish girl recite the famous line from a beloved national poem. Why shouldn’t they, since they are just as entitled to their identity as white, Catholic, Slavic types? Poland is open now, as is the whole world.


Our winning pitch to the leading Polish cola producer took the brand in entirely different direction. Why be shy about the brand’s Polishness if we can flaunt it, altogether changing the notion of Polishness? It was quite a task.


We didn’t want to inflate the national ego. Quite the contrary, we assumed it was time to speak candidly about our flaws in order to facilitate change. So we did. Minorities asking unconvenient questions? Check. We did it. For the first time we gave a voice to those who contest the conservative outlook.


The campaign consisted of one 30” and three 15” TV commercials, but it was only the starting point to a far-reaching effort targeted at young and proggressive audiences. We took the catchphrase “A Little Pole” to another level, giving it a modern twist. We created a page with a playful game-survey that enabled people to find out what are the symbols of new Poland. We put tailored ads on Youtube and we made “A Little Pole” present in social media, as well as in POS, radio and public transport.